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Ride the Rails

Rail trips in America and around the world are growing in popularity. Your Salem Travel vacation planner will help you plan your next train trip.

Ride the Rails

Traveling from Colorado to Utah is going more adventurous than before as you can now travel on a luxury train that will take you between stunning natural vistas. Called the Rockies to the Red Rocks, the two-day train ride is going to be between Denver and Moab. This train journey also features an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs, which is known for its hot springs. So we hope you are excited!

The train has glass dome windows that allow you to see the surroundings. It runs through canyons, and rock walls, with beautiful vistas. The train also goes alongside the Colorado River, so safe to say that you must keep your camera charged and ready. Moreover, you can enjoy the choicest of meals on board.

The train is operated by Rocky Mountaineer, a company that already runs three luxury trains in Western Canada. The route has similar features to the three others in Western Canada, so you have all the elements of a great luxury train ride. There are some iconic destinations on the way, and a luxury train ride from Colorado to Utah is certainly worth your time and money.

The train route is seasonally operational. The train company has collaborated with hotels, tourism operators, and local organizations in order to create a seamless experience for travelers.

For reservations contact a Rocky Mountaineer specialist, Dana Hampton.

This is a complicated product. There are two levels of service on most trains but only silver in the US. There are many travel options, departing Denver or Moab, one-way or circle trips, packages before or after to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City.  Trips can vary from one night two day one way and go up to 8 days with several options. Any idea when you would like to travel? Salem Travel can provide a detailed quote your desired travel dates and route.   All Aboard!